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2018-04-10 - ABB teams up with Singapore Polytechnic to promote electrical safety awareness

With support from Singapore Polytechnic School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, ABB recently held an ‘Extra Safety’ technical seminar highlighting the importance of Singapore electrical safety standards and code of practice for electrical installations (CP5).

A total of 130 attendees including Professional Engineers (PE), Licensed Electrical Workers (LEW), consultants, and representatives from academic institutions and government agencies, gained from the combined strengths and knowledge of ABB and SP. Under discussion were crucial topics such as the latest electrical safety technologies available in the market, Residual Current Devices (RCD) according to International and Singapore standards, the IEC61008/SS97 for Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB) and IEC61009/SS480 for Residual Circuit Breakers with Overload (RCBO).

“We are proud to be part of ABB’s industry safety event as it helps us prepare and upskill our students to stay alert, relevant and applicable in a challenging environment. This topic is relevant to our course curriculum. Singapore Polytechnic will continue to emphasize on electrical safety not only for our full time students but also for working adult learners,” said Mr Toh Ser Khoon, Acting Director of Singapore Polytechnic School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, in his opening address.

ABB reiterated the importance of electrical safety, covering the basics from earthing and grounding, to the importance of using suitable circuit breakers, from technical details on ideal circuit design to the limits of electric current that a human body can withstand.

“ABB’s updates on the latest code of practice made the technical presentation relevant. This seminar created a beneficial platform for industrial experts to exchange their views and share technical knowledge. Our team now has a better understanding and practical overview of the circuit breaker selection and design criteria”, said one of the project engineers who attended the session.

Live product application demonstration was conducted to gain participants’ confidence in handling real-life situations when detecting short circuits. The live demo received high interest as the content presented very much related to their scope of work.

To further illustrate the topic, ABB shared real-life incidents of low voltage electrocution – with the intention of encouraging more educational institutions, and industrial engineers to help educate the industry about handling electricity installation and its safe maintenance.

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