ABB helps Austrian Federal Railways improve traction motor reliability

2012-04-10 - Faced with a high failure rate among its locomotive traction motors, Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) commissioned ABB to rewind a test batch of the motors using a high temperature insulation system.

Thanks to its wealth of experience, ABB inspected the traction motors in ÖBB first-generation Taurus Type Rh1016/1116 locomotives. ABB established that the epoxy resin based insulation system of the motors has lower thermal resistance than silicone resin based systems. The aim was to rewind the motors using the Veridur® VPI high temperature insulation system. ABB was awarded a contract to rewind four motors, in order to allow ÖBB to test the long-term behavior of the upgrade in Austria’s tough winter conditions.

The motors will be rewound by the service center for motors and generators in Birr, Switzerland, using silicone-based Veridur® with insulation class 200. ABB overcame a significant challenge due to the lack of documentation for the Taurus motors, with the necessary ‘reverse engineering’ while implementing new insulation technology in the stator winding.

ABB is a world leading independent supplier of innovative and reliable technologies to train manufacturers and railway operators. With a comprehensive offering for rolling stock and infrastructure as well as FACTS, network management solutions and SCADA systems, ABB also provides lifetime service support, including maintenance and retrofit.

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    Image: ÖBB
    The traction motors in ÖBB’s first generation of Taurus locomotives were causing more and more problems.
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