Weigh and dispense

Your plant processes active ingredients into a variety of forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids and creams. Each product is formulated according to a specific recipe and manufacturing procedure and requires precise control over ingredients and dosages.

Weigh and dispense provides the backbone of the manufacturing operation and ultimately the starting point of the batch record. The weigh and dispense module of ABB’s MES solution is an innovative replacement for the mechanical and manual methods used in the weigh areas of many pharmaceutical companies.

Integrated or stand-alone
ABB’s weigh and dispense module is either integrated with the workflow management or implemented as a standalone, paperless weighing system. The weighing module and system integrates weigh scales, calculates the ratios according to the recipe or ingredient list, and guides the operator through all weighing instructions. It collects, verifies and appends the necessary product data, such as dispensed amounts, into batch records.

Checked and double checked
Each event is logged and each action is stored with the user name, time/date stamp, location and workstation used. Manual data entered by operators can be verified against expected ranges to ensure accuracy or identify deviations.

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